Don’t look now – it’s Nasty Nancy!


Part of our weight loss journey is uncovering the reasons why we initially gain weight or allowed ourselves to be overweight. This can be really confronting and the closer we get to our goal weight, the more those demons surface.

For me, my reasons for being overweight seem reasonably valid- I suffered endometriosis for years and the pain that caused my body, combined with 6 surgeries and endless hormone treatment all sound like a fairly reasonable reason to be overweight. However, I have been well for several years now and done nothing about my weight so why is that?

Being overweight is a wonderful cosy and protective coat that shields us from so many things in life. The little voice in our head quietly and persistently says:

You can’t be that mum – you are too fat!

You can’t do public speaking – people will be horrified by how you look!

You cannot possibly think about being in a photo – how awful that your children will remember that you were so gross!

And truly, that voice has so many dialogues it should just about have its own name. Mine does – she is Nasty Nancy and I have taken to fighting with her quite a lot of late. I like to call her out when she tells me NO or gives me a reason why I can’t.

But she has been around for a long time and is used to be heard and having her own way so now she has changed tacts. The thing is weight loss is a journey of personal growth and change and our inner critic responds to our evolving self worth.

Here is what my Nasty Nancy has to say now:

What if you get to your goal weight and you have to public speak – you might be rubbish?

What if you are skinny and still feel lonely?

What if you get into those jeans and you are still YOU?

She is a clever, foxy thing – her goal is to feed on my insecurities. And boy does she know how to adapt and evolve. So what can we do to curb that voice in our head.

We really need to try and make friends with our inner critic. We need to listen to what they are saying and then start to have your voice instead of it being a one-sided conversation.


Here is what it can sound like:

NN: So what if you are skinny and turn out to be a crap public speaker?

Me: At least I will have given it a go and will look HOT in the process.

NN: No-one will care what you look like because you will be so nervous.

Me: I might the first time but every time I try I will get better and stronger.

Truthfully we may never conquer our Nasty Nancy but please remember, you get a say in this too – you are allowed to step confidently into your new slimmer identity and trust me when I say – YOU ARE ENOUGH!

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