Are we taking our health for granted?

This is an extremely personal blog for me to write.


My cousin, at the age of 42 passed away last week from liver failure. She had a drinking problem that she had kept concealed and this was combined with smoking and poor eating over a number of years. I was shocked and devastated that someone who was the same age as me could have done so much damage to their body that it killed them at such a young age.


I have struggled with my weight most of my life. One of the main struggles that I bump up against every time I try to lose weight is having a real motivator. You see, I am in great health. I have low blood pressure, normal cholesterol and am generally quite healthy despite my weight putting me in the obese category.


What I failed to ever realise was that being obese was actually harming my body and the reality is, long term, it is highly unlikely that there would be no ramifications to the neglect I was subjecting my body to.


When you google long term effects of obesity, the main ones are things like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer and depression. But if I am honest, I simply did not factor this in. I was living in blissful ignorance simply because, right now, I am living without any signs that these serious health issues are going to get me – and it is not if but more like WHEN.


Having someone close to you pass away can be a real moment that causes us to stop and take stock.


Here is what I have been wondering –


  • What impact has obesity already had on my body?
  • What can I now do to reverse this?
  • How can I improve my long term health?


None of us needs to wait for a wake up call from our doctor telling us that we need to lose weight.


There should be no doubt in our mind that being obese takes a terrible toll on our body. Here is a truth that we need to face. If you are living with obesity and consider yourself to be healthy – you are kidding yourself. Your body is working so hard and you are putting excessive pressure on so many of your vital organs, you really are like a ticking time bomb. Now I am not writing this to scare you but I really want us to start being honest about our weight and what we are doing to our bodies in the long term. The profound shock of losing my cousin at the age of 42 is huge. She has left behind a husband and daughter. She will not have the chance to live a long and happy life. All this is gone. Sometimes we are lucky enough to get a warning and can change our lifestyle and reverse the effects of all our bad habits but equally real is the possibility that we may simply drop dead from something like a stroke or heart attack.


So if you are reading this please ask yourself one question, if you saw someone that you loved treating themselves the way you treat yourself, you would let them or would you want to help and support them?


Many of us simply do not realise how much love and support there is for us to change – just ask. Consider visiting your doctor and having a check up or get in touch and see how we can help – simply fill out the contact form below and we can send you some info on our program.