Movie Review – The Magic Pill.


So last night I went to see The Magic Pill with a couple of my girlfriends. I have to be frank and say up front I am not a Pete Evans devotee so I went along with a little cynicism but am open mind.

The movie followed the journey of several people including an obese woman with Type 2 diabetes, 2 families with severely autistic children and some generally unhealthy beings. They all adopted the ketogenic diet.

These personal journeys were interspersed with stories from farmers about farming methods, experts talking about the impact of our grain and corn-laden diet and last but by no means least, the well-publicised story of Tim Noakes, the South African dietician who battled the system for 3 years in court. He made it his personal mission to highlight the truth about the “healthy diet pyramid” and what it is really doing to our health.

I walked away feeling a little overwhelmed but mostly inspired. I follow a low-carb, low-dairy diet and this movie reinforced that I was absolutely on the right path in terms of the impact this will have on my health.

I did however, also feel quite depressed about the food my family regularly consume. Watching the families in the movie, I imagine I would feel incredibly motivated to strictly adhere to the ketogenic diet when my child was so obviously unwell but for most of us parents, our children are generally in good health with little signs that their diet is having a detrimental impact on their overall wellness.

My boys are both slim (verging on skinny) and are both incredibly active. We walk to school every day as a family, they run around at lunchtime at school, walk from school and most days have swim squad training. They also consume HUGE amounts of carbs, cereals and white processed foods such as bread and pasta. I realised that I could make some changes to their diet that would have a positive impact on their long term health.

I am not going to jump in and overhaul their diet but I am going to take baby steps starting with porridge for breakfast instead of sugary cereals. I am going to push healthier snack choices and get back to make fresh juices every day instead of just once or twice a week. There is no refuting this will improve their health long term and I feel that I can make these changes without twisting myself in knots that I am failing.

The purpose of this movie is to both inform and inspire. There is an incredible amount of evidence to support the notion that what you can cure Type 2 Diabetes and it can improve in children the symptoms of Autism and other behavioural issues.

I would highly recommend that you go along and see this movie if it is screening near you. Take on board what resonates with you, make some changes to your lifestyle but above all, be realistic – these changes are not just a “diet” or to “lose weight”. They are about long-term changes that will have long-term results.

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