Most of us will suffer some sort of sleep issue during the course of our life.

Sleep issues are so common that many of us accept them as normal and do not realise that we could be enjoying much better sleep habits.

In our modern Western society, we quickly turn to pills to solve our sleep issues. Demand for both over the counter and prescription sleeping tablets has sky rocketed. Somewhere along the way, we lost sight of the notion that we can significantly improve our sleep by what we do.

If you would like to improve your sleep, you need to consider the following and the impact these have on your sleep quality.

  1. How much caffeine you consume daily and what time of day?
  2. How much alcohol you drink regularly?
  3. How much sugar you have in your diet?

The food and drink we consume

The food and drink we consumedirectly correlates with both how easily we fall asleep and then the overall quality of our sleep ie do we stay asleep or are we constantly waking throughout the night?

It does sound too easy but if we step back and address what we are eating and drinking we will almost instantly notice an improvement in our sleep. Once we start to eliminate the food and drink that triggers poor sleep, we can take notice and become our own health champion. We can make active choices that will contribute to a good night’s sleep.


One factor that we can struggle to regulate is stress. Again, many of us live with high levels of stress and anxiety and this can have a huge impact on our sleep. Again, we almost accept this as being normal and simply how we live but in reality, we can really equip ourselves to cope better with stress by making better choices about what we eat and drink. Not surprisingly, many of the tools that we use to cope with stress such as caffeine, alcohol and sugar all negatively impact the quality of our sleep.

Now I know that we may find it hard to eliminate these three elements out of our diet completely but if we work at reducing how much, how often and how late we will inevitably improve our sleep. This has a wonderful flow on effect – when we reduce these stimulants from our diet, we reduce our levels of stress, sleep better and this creates a cycle that we can easily continue and maintain.

Remember, making changes can seem hard at first but once you start to embrace healthier habits you will quickly notice the improvements in your sleep. This will allow you to awake feeling refreshed and with a stronger resolve to maintain your lifestyle changes. Good luck – here’s to a great night’s sleep!