Success Stories – Before and After!

Want results?

We know our program works – and fast but don’t just take our word for it, here are a few of the success stories from our program!

Feeling great

Intro: Jan has done one full cycle of the program and has some amazing results to share – not just on the scales.

 I just wanted to share with you all, my weight loss journey so far and some very obvious benefits. Today was day 28. I have stuck to the program like glue, being buoyed by the sometimes very little and sometimes lots of weight loss and centimetres. To date, I have lost 8.1 kgs in 4 weeks and a total of 40cms. I have really appreciated the support from the team and in particular Orla. Before and after pics will be sent on day 40!! Before the program, I struggled to get out of bed in the morning – becoming crippled by osteo symptoms.

 After only 1 week, I suddenly noticed I didn’t have any pain and currently I have no aches or pain at all. I’m clear headed and this week went for a job interview and got it. Feeling energized and happy thanks to this program.

So glad I saw that post in April if I can do it so can you!! 

Tired Mummy Alert

Intro: This story is from one of our coaches, Tammie – what an inspiration for all you Mums out there that it is ok to commit to yourself and your health.

So my journey is a little difficult for me to talk about, it stirs up emotions I prefer to pretend don’t exist. #letsbereal After falling pregnant with my twins I’d gained 20kg, when I started my weight loss journey I had 15kg to lose. I’m now down 11kg. The onset of my twins’ premature birth at 32weeks weighing only 1300g and 6weeks in intensive care, contributed to PND and comfort eating. Imagine not being able to see your babies for hours after birth, when I did meet them they were in a humidicrib. It was 3 days before I could hold them and over 5weeks before I could even feed them breast or bottle. It’s an incredibly hard experience to go through. After going through the last 2.5yrs and a very hard time of severe reflux, colic (causing hospitalisation), and feeding problems I decided I’m finally ready to do this. It’s all part of my process to heal, to move on from that hard time and finally start to enjoy my babies. I’m now a far happier mummy and so much more aware and have the motivation to be aware of what I eat, better role model, better wife and loads more energy. Hope all your journeys are as incredibly powerful as mine has been for me. Xx

Deb McGrath

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share my photo’s to show my weight loss ‘journey’. I used the program in 2012-2013 to lose just over 40kg. The program now is the same in principal (but a little different with the updated products). I had unsuccessfully tried so many other diets in the past so I was sceptical at first, but I thought, well, the only way to find out if this one works is to give it a go. I wouldn’t be any worse off for trying. So I did it, and IT WORKED! I recommend this program to everyone, as the health benefits are amazing and you just don’t realise how great it is possible to feel until you get there. It’s the best thing I have ever done. Thank-you to Estelle Elliot Ravenscroft for guiding me through the process and I look forward to helping others to do the same.


Hi everyone, I just wanted to share my photo’s to show my weight loss ‘journey’. I used the program in 2012-2013 to lose just over 40kg. The program now is the same in principal (but a little different with the updated products). I had unsuccessfully tried so many other diets in the past so I was sceptical at first, but I thought, well, the only way to find out if this one works is to give it a go. I wouldn’t be any worse off for trying. So I did it, and IT WORKED! I recommend this program to everyone, as the health benefits are amazing and you just don’t realise how great it is possible to feel until you get there. It’s the best thing I have ever done. Thank-you to Estelle Elliot Ravenscroft for guiding me through the process and I look forward to helping others to do the same.

Marie Griffiths

I started at 85kgs and my waist was 104cm. My BMI said I was obese! I had tried so many ‘but the weight always piled back on. I lost 16kg in 40 days and then did maintenance for another 40 days and the weight stayed off. I was 68.8kgs and decided to ‘go again’. This time I lost a further 7.2kgs in 28 days. But the best news is that through it all I was never hungry, had heaps of energy and felt so well. I feel I have learnt to listen to my body! My BMI is great and my waist has reduced by 25cms. My doctor says that my blood pressure is down. Honestly, to anyone thinking of starting this program I would say Start Today. Weight is the only thing that you have to lose!

Lots to Lose

Intro: This success story comes from Kristy who is still on the program and this is her early in the journey.

I started the program in April did ten days and gave up it was too hard though I lost 4.3 in ten days! Self SABOTAGE people your biggest enemy but now I’m aware n was ready in June to begin again and I believe I will get where I need to be from failing first and that’s ok. 

I’m now on Day 12 and have lost 5.3 kilos and feeling amazing. Step 1 was enjoyable. Step 2 harder but I’ve got the hang of it now and the scales are going down. Started at 101.1 and when I look back I don’t really recognise myself my baby boy is 18 months old now and I have finally found the time to look after myself and get healthy. My realisation came when I went on a short vacation with hubby n son and really couldn’t keep up with him I thought gosh he’s only going to get faster and I want to be there playing with him not sitting on the sidelines. My mother’s group friend, Orla was just getting slimmer and happier and her skin shone so, of course, she encouraged me to find my own feet and I thank her dearly for her commitment to me and for her friendship. 

My goal first and foremost is to fall pregnant asap with a healthy body and mind and healthy baby. I can’t wait to see myself slimmer sexier and with my growing baby belly! I can now see it, imagine it and feel it. Things are looking good after all I deserve to be the BEST version of myself. My son is my motivator. Every day there comes challenges but each day they get easier, thanks everyone for sharing and I hope to hear more stories soon…. can’t wait to show some before and after pics soon too! My birthday will be the Day 40 Step 2 ending it’s totally meant to be- watch out world! I can also say I’ve not been in jeans skinny sexy or otherwise since around 4 years ago so if I can wear the jeans I’ve hidden away but secretly never threw out OMG I will be so excited!

Bring on the bikini body

Intro: There is nothing more motivating than a big event to look forward to. Here is what Steph had to say about her journey. This post was taken from our secret Facebook group.

I don’t really post in the group much as I’m a bit shy, but I constantly read everyone’s positive posts and find all the updates so helpful in keeping me motivated and positive, so thank you! I just wanted to give a big shout out to Orla who started me on this journey to weight loss and ultimately a healthier me. I started on the 2nd of May and whilst I’ve had some setbacks towards my goal

I just wanted to give a big shout out to Orlagh who started me on this journey to weight loss and ultimately a healthier me. I started on the 2nd of May and whilst I’ve had some setbacks towards my goal I have so far lost 15.6 kgs and at least 1 dress size. Whilst I still have a way to go, I’m confident I’ll get there.  

I’m now heading off on my honeymoon to Fiji and I’m feeling more confident and have loads more energy for our trip. I will be trying to keep to maintenance stage while away, but see how it goes. Thanks again Orla for introducing me to this program its made a massive difference to me and my family. I look forward to going for another round when I return. Happy journey everyone

Small loss but amazing changes

Intro: Many people don’t have big numbers to lose but are looking to improve their overall health. This is Claire’s story.

 I started back on June 14 with only 5kg to lose….losing weight wasn’t my motivation…I was more interested in improving my gut health. To say I am happy with the program is an understatement!!! I’m no longer feeling bloated, constipation issues have almost disappeared and I have so much more energy!! The weight loss has just been a bonus, especially as it has come off where I wanted it too, 6cm off my hips so far and 4cm from my waist….and nothing off my bust 

Amazing results all round

Intro: This story from Shea is something that we hear A LOT when people are on our program. Great results on the scales combined with feeling great. What more could you want.

Just finished my first round after 29 days, starting holidays so am not extending out to 40! I have lost 7kg, but it is the reduction of the adipose fat and the health benefits that are amazing. My work pants are super loose, I had to drop a shirt size and I feel good and sleep brilliantly. I will start again in 3 weeks and will try my best in maintenance but will not punish myself if I indulge a little while on 3 weeks holiday thanks Sarah and Carmel for getting me started. I am actually craving capsicum and mushrooms more than anything sweet lol

Looking to get back to good health


Intro: Do you know what SKINNY FAT is?

It is that person that looks great on the outside but inside is riddled with ill health. This is a story to inspire those of you out there that also suffer from SKINNY FAT.

I feel the need to start with an apology. I’m not sure what that’s about, but here goes… I don’t need to lose ‘weight’. I am one of those lucky, random recipients of the metabolic lottery, and my body just seems to burn off pretty much whatever I eat. Or so I thought it did. What you can’t see is what I see and know is there. I am full of the worst kind of fat — SKINNY FAT. It is silent and deadly. I have cellulite on my bum and the backs of my thighs, a curse since puberty. I have a spare tyre of seriously grabbable (like you could lay it on a chopping board and slice it off) gut, and my inner thighs literally slap together when I try to exercise. I even have side boobs — you know the bit that hangs over your bra, under your arms? I’m skinny and it’s gross. I’m about to have my body composition measured and am NOT looking forward to the results.

Fat aside, here’s my story and why I’m here…

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of working on the content of this program- editing some scripts and then creating content for the website (I’m a writer by trade.) As I got on with the job, everything (EVERYTHING) I read and wrote felt like an ‘ah-ha’ moment and I began to realise how absolutely insane our Western world has become in terms of sugar addictions and unsustainable diets and just total misunderstanding, or lack of education, on the core gut issues. Who even knew we had villi, much less how irritated they are?!! (I’m sorry little villi guys! I promise I’ll do better.)

Medically, I’ve never been able to absorb nutrients (namely iron and calcium, God knows what else). I’ve been in and out of anaemia (iron-deficient) since college, suffered four miscarriages and ended up with a hysterectomy in 2015. I was told by my dentist as a child that I ‘just have soft teeth’ after all the dental work I needed over the years. Then was diagnosed in my 30s with considerable osteoporosis after cracking a rib from constipation — yep, constipation! (I was breastfeeding middle child and horribly bunged up.) The doctors and endocrinologists couldn’t figure out why, at my young age, my bones were those of a 70-year-old, or how I could crack a rib on the toilet. I’ve suffered fractures and broken bones since.

Don’t get me started on the hormone side of things!!! I had the joy of PND/anxiety after each of my three successful pregnancies, at times near bi-polar mood swings, years of antidepressants and this feeling like my brain was just wired wrong for as long as I can remember.

Finally, financially, I’m only just surviving week to week with considerable debt, as a single mom of three kids who had to leave an alcoholic father. I’m proud of my decision to get my kids out of that situation but it has been effing hard.
After working on the scripts and website words, and seeing for myself how the program works on so much more than weight, and the incredible support that’s there, how can I not be inspired and find out what it can do for me?
I start Step 1 on Monday. I can’t wait. And I have so many friends who suffer all sorts of things from migraines to psoriasis to fluctuating weight. It just makes total sense to me.

So that is me – I am a recovering Skinny Fat.


Update: the end of Step 2

I just wanted to share what’s going on for me – I’ve reached my goal weight (woohoo!) and my internal health is nothing short of amazing, judging by how I FEEL everyday. Just incredible. But my doctor is really disappointed because although he’s happy about the program and how well I’m doing, I foiled his long-standing investigation into WHY I can’t absorb all the important things in my diet. So I’ve decided to go ahead with an endoscopy to once and for all determine if coeliac disease is at play (it nearly killed my mom). My son is having one, too.

The bad news is I’ve had to take up a gluten challenge for four weeks (four pieces of white break a day) to prepare but the GREAT news is I know how to get back to good health as soon as the test is done. I WANT to be tested. I want to KNOW if this is why I have osteoporosis and chronic anaemia. Meanwhile, I’m doing everything else right — still enjoying healthy Step 3 foods and avoiding (mostly!) all other nasties.

FYI, gluten is evil. I am burping and farting and feel like my entire abdomen is blocked or solid or just heavy. I haven’t felt this way since I started the program and I’m just so happy to have it to keep me going while I get through this. I love the Reshape Your Life Program! Watch this space!

Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.


Intro: I just love seeing the HUGE health changes on our program – all this in just one cycle of 30 days.

 I think my first warning sign was back in 2005 when I got a blood clot in my leg (thigh) and was then put on warfarin for a while. After having my first baby in 2007 and the complications from that, I was then referred to many different doctors, a haematologist and then finally a rheumatologist, who diagnosed me with the autoimmune disease of Lupus (SLE). Since then, I have tried to find many different alternative ways to help with my condition, which at times can make me quite sad. Chronic pain is the pits. It really can bring you down and the worst thing is just snapping at the littlest things – I am sad to say that my kids would get the brunt of that too.

For me, I truly believe a healthy lifestyle makes a massive difference and this program just looked like it would be perfect, not only in the healthy choices but most importantly the support of others and the accountability. As much as I would like to lose my excess weight, it is also the inner gut health and boosting my immune system that would help me so much. x I am on medication for my lupus and it does keep it under control, but I have always truly believed that it is deeper that than and you need to get to the root cause and sort that out first. Along with the other bonus benefits of the non foggy brain, clear skin and more energy I am so excited to start this journey with all you lovelies. We all have our own “whys” and it’s just magnificent that we can support each other.

Update: the end of Step 2
I just wanted to let you know how I am doing. I am now on day 44 and the scales tell me today that I have lost 9kg in total and about 45cm from all over. This to me is a bonus! My rheumatologist told me that I was very unfortunately diagnosed with an old woman’s disease (SLE Lupus) and would basically just have to live with it forever. Since doing this program and eliminating all the foods that cause inflammation, I can happily say that I feel like I am in a younger body. I feel like I can be in control. Some days have been quite tough but thinking about my WHY and not wanting to be achy and sore has been my saving grace. So, just keep at it ladies. There are so many benefits, I have a whole list of other things like more energy, no more foggy brain, smoother skin… the list goes on…Thank you for letting me be part of this group and all the support from you lovelies xxx 

Not really living

 Intro: This lovely lady suffered from terrible headaches and overwhelming tiredness – her journey is truly inspiring.

 Hi all, I’m Cherie and as I am introducing myself I lay here in my bed with yet another crippling headache. I often have headaches and migraines, bloating, a terribly red face, and a mummy tummy to rival most! I am not overweight but I am definitely “sick”. I suffer from anxiety and depression just to top it off!

I found out about this program from Dot and I wasn’t sure at first, but the more she explained the more it sounded like something I just had to try.

Often I come home from work and I have to lay down, which makes me feel so bad for my kids. They are so used to it, it’s just normal for them. I’ve been this tired since I can remember, before kids, the last time I think I had surplus energy was when I was a kid myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I have about 10 kilos to lose as well, but for me, it’s about being the best mum and partner I can be. My package arrived today so I will be starting my journey tomorrow, and I cannot wait. I am so excited to be able to share my journey with you all too

Update: the end of Step 2

So I successfully completed Step 1 and Step 2 now onto Step 3 Maintenance. I have always been a slim person, I used to weigh barely 50 kilos in my teenage/ early 20’s, but after having kids my weight ballooned to 64.5 kilos. I know to most that may not seems like a lot, but I was overweight, and I was sick, and I was OH SO TIRED! I have shed 7.5 kilos in 4 weeks and I am now down to 57kg. 

I feel great at this weight. I can fit into things I haven’t been able to fit into in years. I have energy for the first time in 10 years, and I have stopped getting the constant headaches I was suffering from. I feel like my life has just started after suffering for such a long time. So here I go, into Step 3, and out comes the weights! Now to tone, tone, tone!  

Quick and fast results

Intro: There is nothing more exciting that weighing yourself daily on the program and watching the weight just fall away. Here are the early results from Louise.

Hi everyone, I’m following through with my promise to Orlagh that I’d post my results today, at the 2-week mark! Seems weirdly indulgent and just… well, weird, but here I go. I’m very happy about discovering a new way of eating, revitalising my gut & losing my target of 3.5kg.

It wasn’t a lofty weight loss goal, I know (just a little extra layer that crept on over the last year that never used to be there) and you really can’t tell by these photos, but I do see & feel the difference and my too-tight jeans now feel great on! I work hard to stay fit and strong (healthy eating & exercise) and feel really good about discovering how to make a big difference by rethinking my food balance.

Onto maintenance now! So far, so good in the headache department, which was a big reason for my doing the program – I will let you all know how that goes over time. My mind feels wonderfully calm and clear, which is absolutely lovely and I think a very good sign. All the best with your journeys, everyone! xx

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