Take a look inside.


Taking the brave step to commence our weight loss journey is actually like opening Pandora’s Box. You can get all the food stuff down pat but what you will quickly bump up against some deeper issues. We will soon unearth the layers and layers that sit beneath the WHY we put on weight in the first place.

Initially weight loss is quite easy. We started the journey because we ready to lose weight – in our minds we had reached a point where we were determined to make changes and do things differently. We wanted to enjoy what life will feel like when we are lighter.

What we often fail to factor in is our changing emotions as we start to shed the weight. The first few kilos are quite easy – we still fit into our clothes and whilst we start to slim down, we get blasted with compliments.

However, as we get further down the track, strange things start to happen. As we are restricting how and when we eat, we become acutely aware of why we eat. So often we are eating to feed our emotions not our body. This habits that we have formed are incredibly strong and releasing ourselves from there is far harder than losing weight.

Heading: Stop feeding your emotions

In our daily lives when we are living without any thought to how and what we eat, it is really easy to ignore the motivators behind what we are shovelling into our mouths. But cut off the supply and everything starts to simmer to the surface.

Each and every one of us eats for different reasons. Over time, these reasons can change but it is fair to say, whatever emotion you feel can be an excuse to eat, be it happy or sad, tired or angry.

The surest way to curb this emotional eating is to become aware of it. Consider journaling as a way to track your emotions and your eating- this doesn’t have to mean writing volumes in a notebook – you can simply do an entry in the calendar on your phone. Something like – Had to go to lunch by myself at work, felt lonely, wanted to eat junk. Bringing the feelings and our reactions into consciousness is all part of the journey.

But here is the thing, once we become aware of one reaction, emotion or habit, another one seems to pop up. Be kind to yourself – do not berate yourself for your thoughts or actions. Be aware, be mindful and be accepting.

Remember – you took so long to become this person, it will take time to grow and change – that is why it is called a weight loss journey.

If you are ready to start your journey, why not drop us a line using the form below – we are here to help and support you.

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