A few testimonials

Good morning everyone! I have to write this post as I am astounded at how easy this programme is. I was very sceptical at first. It took me a couple of months of watching everyone’s posts before I decided to take the plunge. Like most people, I have tried every diet in the books. I have never been successful. I have a very rare disease and the medication I am on has made me put on 15kgs over the past 4yrs and I am unable to exercise. So this made me even more sceptical as I thought nothing could counteract the medication but boy was I WRONG! And I’m very happy to be proven wrong. I’m only into day 5 of stage 2 and I’ve already lost 2.6kgs and 7cm off everywhere! It doesn’t even feel like a diet. Some days I’m struggling to eat as much as I have to. For anyone out there that is considering doing this, don’t hesitate, start now. It is well worth it. Not only will you lose the weight and cm’s but the difference in your whole self will be amazing. I feel fresher like I’m being purified from the inside out. My skin isn’t as dry, my eyes are no longer puffy and tired looking and I have so much more energy! Thanks to the program I am 2.6kgs down, 10kgs to go.

I can’t believe it 10.9kg down & and 35cm off my whole-body day 40 today I am so excited… just waiting for my order to start stage 3… I’ve got tears in my eyes after my battle for the past 6 months this is the best thing ever… & I feel so good on the inside & my sweats menopause have eased up & I’ve drop one of my medications for rheumatoid arthritis I am so excited I just can’t really explain how good I feel…. I just hope my mum is watching me with proud eyes from heaven

So, the doctor said if you were 10 years older we would take out the gall bladder no question asked he said try eating healthy for the next month and we will review. I had heard about your program from a patient of mine (I’m a podiatrist) who not only lost weight but had even managed to improve her health and come off all her diabetic medication so I thought what the hell I’ll give it a try……..
I got my ultrasound yesterday after 31 days and my gall bladder is 75% reduction in inflammation and size it was so cloudy on the ultrasound the first time and now it was very hard to even see it and a surprise to me but he also said about 50% reduction in fat surrounding the liver – I wish I could show you the before and after it was pretty amazing!
I also want to add with my job I am always sitting in a funny position looking down and the top of my back/neck have been sore for the last 4 years I get a massage regularly but still sat every night with a wheat pack on it. Now the last 2 weeks of this 30 days I have had NO PAIN….not in the slightest! not used a wheat pack at all! and to top it off I have dropped just over 6kg from 68.3 – 61.5kg and I fit back into my size 10 trousers and a dress I haven’t zipped up in years.
If this isn’t inspirational for someone to improve their health I don’t know what is…….

I was a 3 diet coke a day, 3 full fat cappo a day, full fat take away whenever I wanted kind of girl (old girl). Depressed, fat, unhappy, hiding, in pain, angry and sad. Summed it up. I have done my 1st 40 days and lost 15.9kgs. I started my 2nd round of detox yesterday and another 1.3kgs has gone, so all up so far 17.2kgs have vanished from my frame and 42cms. 2 dress sizes dropped and a wonderful sense of well-being has been established. If you are on here to look around stop wasting time and just do it. I have done all the programs and this is the only one that changed my relationship with food. I now see it as a fuel not a comfort. Best of luck to you all and I hope to see “less” of you soon